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selly’s big day details

so my friend selly asked me to come by to take some detailed shots of some stuff before her wedding.  i think managed to capture a few good shots that will hopefully compliment her wedding album.  here are some shots i took in the morning before the wedding.

eunice and jae’s wedding photos part 2

i posted some photos from eunice and jae’s wedding some time ago but i wanted to post up some new photos from their wedding.  they looked pretty damn happy that i wanted to share some more photos of those two love birds!

joon and selly’s engagement photos

wow…it’s been some time since my last post!!  well, here are some shots i took of my friends for their engagement photos.  i finally got hired and paid for my first wedding deal (thanks joon and selly!!). woo hoo!!!!  here are some of the photos i took, hopefully they like them!

Eunice’s & Jae’s wedding…

I was asked to help out and take some photos at my friend’s wedding last month, and of course I jumped at the chance.  The wedding was in a pretty cool church near Hollywood and the reception wasn’t all that shabby neither, it was held at the Sheraton Hotel near City Walk…very classy!  Unfortunately, I couldn’t stay for the entire reception but I did manage to capture some good shots.  Thanks to Eunice and her husband Jae for letting me take their photos on their special day…

Most of the photos here are in black & white, not sure why but I’m in this black & white theme right now.  And for some reason, when I upload these photos here, the color images kinda get desaturated, can’t seem to fix it. =(  Hope you guys like the shots regardless.














Linda & SooWan’s Wedding Photos

OK!!  So here are my first attempts at taking pictures at a wedding.  Although my friend Linda had hired a photographer, she agreed to let me take pictures at her wedding for practice in exchange for photos.  I’ve never actually shot a wedding so I had no idea what I was doing.  This was totally different from what I was used to.  Usually, I’m on a race track taking pictures of race cars…but the thing with race cars, I know pretty much exactly where the cars are going to be.  As for shooting a wedding, with people moving at will, I had to make sure that I was at the right spot to capture a moment that may be gone within seconds.

The wedding took place in the city of La Canada Flintridge outside of the La Canada Country Club.  Lighting was nice and soft since the sun was on its way down, but it was a little gray out because of the clouds.  The weather was a bit chilly, but all in all, it was a nice wedding and there was plenty of light out and space to take pictures.  In the beginning, I was trying to figure out which setting I wanted to use (manual, shutter priority, aperture priority, etc.) so I tried a little bit of everything.  I don’t think I’ve found the “correct” setting yet, but I have a better understanding of what I should be using.

So here’s goes nothing…hopefully Linda and her new hubby will like these photos.


Wedding Party

Wedding Ceremony







First Dance


Garter and Bouquet Toss

nick and asha’s groomsmen photos

on december 6, 2008, my friend’s nick and asha finally tied knot and got married.  although they had hired a wedding photographer, i thought it would be good practice to take some pictures since i’m trying to pursue wedding photography.  so here’s my first crack at pre-wedding photos, below are shots of some of the groom and  groomsmen.  i wanted to shoot some of the girls but they were too busy doing girl stuff, so yeah, it didn’t work out.

however…nick and asha (i hope you guys read this) agreed to help me out with letting me take another round of “engagement” photos for my portfolio.  I’M WAITING GUYS! =)

groomsmen 1

groomsmen 2

nick groom 1

nick groom 2

nick groom 3

groomsmen fred

groom james