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Some New Rig Shots

Here are some rig shots I just completed for upcoming print ads.  I think my post work is coming along well, still need to work on some edits though.




When i was at willow springs the other day, i was waiting for the Porsche to go back on track, and while i was waiting i took this picture of my cat with my iphone…not bad!

Willow springs raceway

Here’s a picture of Streets of Willow at Willow Springs, where we’re testing the new Porsche RSR that’s going to be running this season in the American Le Mans series.

I had to come today to shoot the car for PR stuff, so far the day has been pretty good…considering I had to wake up at 5am this morning. I’ll post some pics up of our Porsche later.

drifting…yeah, like side ways!!

with the drift season still a few months away, i thought i go ahead post some pics that i took from past formula d events.  some of these are on my flickr account but here they are again.

sears sky

in battle

formula d

Calvin Wan - FD

Calvin Wan - G35



Taka Aono

the picture below isn’t a falken car, but i thought the shot was sick!  sorry falken guys!