2010 Falken Models

so as my last project at falken before parting ways with the company, i had one last photo shoot and i must say…it was probably my favorite shoot.  of course hanging out with hot models is always going to be fun but i think the photos came out pretty well.  here are some shots of the new 2010 falken models, hope you all like them!

selly’s big day details

so my friend selly asked me to come by to take some detailed shots of some stuff before her wedding.  i think managed to capture a few good shots that will hopefully compliment her wedding album.  here are some shots i took in the morning before the wedding.

lonely chairs…

i don’t know why, but i took a picture of a bench…then another and then another.  my friend steph and i thought it could be a funny photo series of “lonely chairs” =)

visiting the huntington library

i went to the huntington library the other day with my friend steph…she’s getting into photography so she asked me to go with her to take some photos.  i didn’t take much, it was freaking hot and i couldn’t concentrate but i managed to take a handful of cool shots.  hope you like them…

car stills

here are some car stills that i found…the post came out not too bad! =)

new camera

just got a new camera…i decided to mess with it a bit during lunch today.  i assigned myself to take pictures of objects in my apartment and play with natural lighting.  these are the results…

eunice and jae’s wedding photos part 2

i posted some photos from eunice and jae’s wedding some time ago but i wanted to post up some new photos from their wedding.  they looked pretty damn happy that i wanted to share some more photos of those two love birds!