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nick and asha’s groomsmen photos

on december 6, 2008, my friend’s nick and asha finally tied knot and got married.  although they had hired a wedding photographer, i thought it would be good practice to take some pictures since i’m trying to pursue wedding photography.  so here’s my first crack at pre-wedding photos, below are shots of some of the groom and  groomsmen.  i wanted to shoot some of the girls but they were too busy doing girl stuff, so yeah, it didn’t work out.

however…nick and asha (i hope you guys read this) agreed to help me out with letting me take another round of “engagement” photos for my portfolio.  I’M WAITING GUYS! =)

groomsmen 1

groomsmen 2

nick groom 1

nick groom 2

nick groom 3

groomsmen fred

groom james