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i’m back with some new rig shots!

wow it’s been awhile since i’ve posted some photos. i’ve been super busy and haven’t had a chance to update any of my personal stuff until now.  i don’t even have time now but i gotta post something up before this site diminishes into thin air.  anyways, well, here are some of my most recent rig shots i took in the last few months for work.  these are probably going to be the last rig shots i post this year…i hope you guys like them!

just want to note, the g35 and 370z shots i shot but my co-worker ed rodriguez did the post on those…thought they were done really well!








Some New Rig Shots

Here are some rig shots I just completed for upcoming print ads.  I think my post work is coming along well, still need to work on some edits though.



out in buttonwillow, ca

the other day, i was out in buttonwillow, ca for work to photograph our new alms porsche as well as 5zigen’s time attack acura tsx (honda euro r for you jdm nuts) for some upcoming ads and collateral.  tsuyoshi-san of 5zigen gracially drove up from gardena, ca to buttonwillow for literally a 2.5 hour photo shoot (he probably spent more time driving than the actual shoot time) so many thanks to him for doing that for us.

below are a couple of behind the scene shots of me taking pictures of the 5zigen car taken by tsuyoshi-san.  i just wanted to share these images with everyone cause it’s actual PROOF that i actually work!! hahaha




below is a shot of the porsche before the shoot…only about a little over a month left until she debuts at the long beach grand prix!!


and another behind the scenes shot with kevin jones trying to model while skylar video tapes him in action! haha


i’ll have images from the photo shoot up later this month.

the start of it all

to start my first official blog…i wanted to talk about my first photos that i took somewhat professionally.  i’ve worked for falken tire, now for, 5 years going on my 6th year!  about 2.5 years ago, i joined the creative department and since i had a photography background, they threw me a camera and said “start practicing cause you’re going to be our new in-house photographer.”  so here are some of my first photo shoots that i went on for falken.

my first official assignment was to fly out to miami to shoot some vip tuned lexus’.  “what a dope job,” i know i know…it is!

AutoLuxury Miami Shoot 2

AutoLuxury Miami Shoot 2

AutoLuxury Miami Shoot

AutoLuxury Miami Shoot

these were some shots we used to for a variety of company collateral stuff…

Brother's car

Brother's car

Masaya's sick ride!

Masaya's sick ride!

well these are some photos i found on my computer…i’ll post some more stuff up later.