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lonely chairs…

i don’t know why, but i took a picture of a bench…then another and then another.  my friend steph and i thought it could be a funny photo series of “lonely chairs” =)

visiting the huntington library

i went to the huntington library the other day with my friend steph…she’s getting into photography so she asked me to go with her to take some photos.  i didn’t take much, it was freaking hot and i couldn’t concentrate but i managed to take a handful of cool shots.  hope you like them…

new camera

just got a new camera…i decided to mess with it a bit during lunch today.  i assigned myself to take pictures of objects in my apartment and play with natural lighting.  these are the results…

misofishy – santa monica california

my older brother just opened up a sushi restaurant in santa monica, ca…and yes, it’s called misofishy!  it’s been open for only a few months so if you’re around that area, please look it up.  anyways, he asked me to take some photos of his food for a new menu he was making.  it’s pretty amazing how he can make ordinary things look like art!  environmental designer turned sushi chef…who would have thought! haha

i have no idea what these rolls are called, but what an excuse to go to his restaurant and find out!  hey, i have to help a brother out…give him that shameless plug: misofishy – 1928 lincoln blvd., santa monica, ca 90405 – ask for steve!

although his website looks like crap (i’m allowed to say that since i’m his brother haha), check out in the next few weeks.  i’m designing a new site for him…should be better than his current one. =)

dai yoshihara

for those of you who don’t know, dai is a professional drifter who drifts in the formula d championships.  he’s currently signed on with falken tire piloting the falken tire / discount tire nissan 240 (s13).  several months back, we were hanging out in la wondering what to do…i had my camera so we decided to mess around and take some photos.  here are a couple that i took of him and his friend…

for more info on his drifting career, go to

a little wide angle fun

after shooting david’s headshots, i decided to mess around a little since we had some time to kill before dinner.  check these out!




this next one is the new cd cover for the newest asian boy band!! LOL!!!


the next two images are of a father and daughter that were hanging out eating ice cream.  i totally forgot their names (sorry guys!) but they looked like they were having a lot of fun so i wanted to see if i could capture that.  THANKS GUYS FOR LETTING ME TAKE PICTURES OF YOU TWO!!!