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dai yoshihara

for those of you who don’t know, dai is a professional drifter who drifts in the formula d championships.  he’s currently signed on with falken tire piloting the falken tire / discount tire nissan 240 (s13).  several months back, we were hanging out in la wondering what to do…i had my camera so we decided to mess around and take some photos.  here are a couple that i took of him and his friend…

for more info on his drifting career, go to

a little wide angle fun

after shooting david’s headshots, i decided to mess around a little since we had some time to kill before dinner.  check these out!




this next one is the new cd cover for the newest asian boy band!! LOL!!!


the next two images are of a father and daughter that were hanging out eating ice cream.  i totally forgot their names (sorry guys!) but they looked like they were having a lot of fun so i wanted to see if i could capture that.  THANKS GUYS FOR LETTING ME TAKE PICTURES OF YOU TWO!!!



clipper magic

for the 2007 season, i was hired on as an intern to shoot some home games for the la clippers.  i have a friend that works for the head office so he hooked me up with the gigs.  although i only went to a few games, it was an awesome experience to be able to be THAT close to the players…i was on the floor right next to the basket!!  here are some of my favorite shots.

game time!

game time!

chris kaman

jump ball

clipper line up