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Rampage Jackson

It’s been a few days since my last post so I apologize if you guys were looking for new photos to look at.  I’m going to try and post photos as frequently as I can so you guys can follow my photography stuff.

Anyways, about a year and a half ago, I was hired by a magazine company (I can’t really say which magazine) to take photos of Rampage Jackson right before his fight with Forrest Griffin.  This was supposed to be a cover shoot but because Rampage didn’t win the fight against Forrest, the magazine pulled the cover and used someone else.  Because of that, I really only have a couple of photos from the shoot that I did post work on.  The first one was going to be the cover and the second shot is a photo of his Audi R8…not a bad car to cruise around in!

Rampage is a really cool, down to earth guy.  I ain’t going to lie, I was pretty intimidated!  I mean c’mon, with a single blow to the face would knock you out…for good!  He made the shoot pretty chill and easy to do.  It’s too bad he didn’t win his fight against Forrest but he just won at the last UFC fight…I smell a major come back for Rampage!!

Rampage Jackson

Audi R8

clipper magic

for the 2007 season, i was hired on as an intern to shoot some home games for the la clippers.  i have a friend that works for the head office so he hooked me up with the gigs.  although i only went to a few games, it was an awesome experience to be able to be THAT close to the players…i was on the floor right next to the basket!!  here are some of my favorite shots.

game time!

game time!

chris kaman

jump ball

clipper line up