Falken Tire Models

as part of my job as a photographer for falken, i not only have to take pictures of cars but i’m lucky enough to take pictures of our models.  for the last 3 years, i’ve had the opportunity to take pictures of all the different falken models and i must say, each shoot gets better and better.  thanks to the girls for being so patient and helping me out as i try my best to make them look HOT!

here are few of my favorite photos from the past years.

VIP Poster

Mary Castillo


Randyl Dawn


for more info on the girls, you can check out www.falkentire.com soon…we’re building a page dedicated to the falken girls!


Testing out my uploading features from my iphone…this is pretty cool!!!

The picture was taken with my iphone last night at victoria gardens.

nick and asha’s groomsmen photos

on december 6, 2008, my friend’s nick and asha finally tied knot and got married.  although they had hired a wedding photographer, i thought it would be good practice to take some pictures since i’m trying to pursue wedding photography.  so here’s my first crack at pre-wedding photos, below are shots of some of the groom and  groomsmen.  i wanted to shoot some of the girls but they were too busy doing girl stuff, so yeah, it didn’t work out.

however…nick and asha (i hope you guys read this) agreed to help me out with letting me take another round of “engagement” photos for my portfolio.  I’M WAITING GUYS! =)

groomsmen 1

groomsmen 2

nick groom 1

nick groom 2

nick groom 3

groomsmen fred

groom james

clipper magic

for the 2007 season, i was hired on as an intern to shoot some home games for the la clippers.  i have a friend that works for the head office so he hooked me up with the gigs.  although i only went to a few games, it was an awesome experience to be able to be THAT close to the players…i was on the floor right next to the basket!!  here are some of my favorite shots.

game time!

game time!

chris kaman

jump ball

clipper line up

panoramic shot, kinda

below are a couple of panoramic shots that i created by putting a few images together.  although they are pretty old, i still like looking at them.

view from the Eifel Tower in France

view from the Eifel Tower in France

off the 15 freeway, leaving vegas

off the 15 freeway, leaving vegas

it’s crazy how we see things in frames but when you put the frames together, you get something totally unimaginable.  i guess that’s the beauty of photography, you see what you normally wouldn’t see…it’s like having a third eye.

the start of it all

to start my first official blog…i wanted to talk about my first photos that i took somewhat professionally.  i’ve worked for falken tire, now for, 5 years going on my 6th year!  about 2.5 years ago, i joined the creative department and since i had a photography background, they threw me a camera and said “start practicing cause you’re going to be our new in-house photographer.”  so here are some of my first photo shoots that i went on for falken.

my first official assignment was to fly out to miami to shoot some vip tuned lexus’.  “what a dope job,” i know i know…it is!

AutoLuxury Miami Shoot 2

AutoLuxury Miami Shoot 2

AutoLuxury Miami Shoot

AutoLuxury Miami Shoot

these were some shots we used to for a variety of company collateral stuff…

Brother's car

Brother's car

Masaya's sick ride!

Masaya's sick ride!

well these are some photos i found on my computer…i’ll post some more stuff up later.


stay tuned as i prepare to bombard this page with some new and old photos that i’ve shot and did post work on. hope you guys enjoy!!