montreal, canada…i loved it!!

i just got back last friday from another business trip…this time i was off to montreal, canada.  i was out there for a work event but while out there, i had a chance to take in a few scenes and check out the city.  i forgot my camera at home so i had to borrow some of my co-workers and use my blackberry storm (i like to mention, this phone sucks!!).  my first impression of montreal was that it looked a lot like paris, but with a western touch.  most of the people who live there all speak french and english fluently which i thought was real cool.  the people that i met out there were real cool…very mellow and easy going.  and i have to mention this…the GIRLS…oh man!!  i would honestly say that 3 out of 4 girls were beautiful.  and the crazy BUT COOL thing was that they wore little to no make-up…it was straight up natural beauty.  the food was awesome too!  not once did i feel like that food tasted like doo doo…it was all good.  check out some of the pictures from my trip…i wish i had more. =(

this was dessert from the first night we were in montreal.  i have no idea what it was but it was freakin’ awesome!


here’s another shot of dessert we had the second night we were there.  basically, it’s maple syrup popsicle.  you literally poor some syrup on the snow to cool it down and once it’s somewhat frozen, you suck on it.  it tasted great!


below is a shot of the restaurant we ate at the second night there, where we had the maple syrup popsicle.  this place was actually the very first bar that opened in montreal.


here are some random street shots…yeah, that’s a lot of snow!



this shot was taken with my blackberry storm.  a group of us went on a snowmobiling trip in the mountains…it’s like riding a motorcycle but in the snow.


this next shot was in a club somewhere in the city.  i was told it was a poppin’ place but we went on a wednesday night hence the lack of number of people in the room.


some more food shots, from the last night there.



and the last picture i took while in montreal…”good BUY” hehehe


    • ictran
    • February 23rd, 2009

    Montreal looks dope, how were the strip clubs? I hear they’re awesome there! lol… I really like the BnW night time shot of that street w/ one guy walking by himself. Good composition.

    • Chris
    • February 24th, 2009

    god dam they let you buy all that gourmet food on trips with the company card? no wonder companies are going under left and right. haha

    Where are the girl pictures man. this wasnt the eye candy I was expecting

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